Although children will go through many transitions in their lives, the transition into school is pivotal, as it shapes their feelings about education as a whole. The one consistent piece through the transition is the family, and by exposing children to important foundational early childhood skills, families can provide children with stability, comfort, and feed a child’s sense of wonder about what to expect.

  “The greatest sign of success for a teacher is to be able to say, ‘The children are now working as if I did not exist’”. – Maria Montessori

In school, children are expected to be independent in taking care of their belongings, problem solving, following directions, and asking questions. At The Wonderers, children will gain exposure to these skills. Throughout the day, children will be working collaboratively, following routines, learning how to independently problem solve, and of course, play!

The day will consist of structures similar to a classroom setting, starting with unpacking independently, followed by a whole group morning meeting and a story. Throughout the day children will have the opportunity to do art projects that hone their fine motor skills, engage in collaborative discussion, and make connections with books. They will play organized games to encourage turn taking, group work, and build conversation skills. We’ll close out the days with some free play, which will be reflective of beginning of year tasks a child is expected to work on once school is underway. Shape recognition, counting to 10 and beyond, beginning letter recognition, and word play will be some of the many offerings at The Wonderers!

Every day, children will have free play which will include tennis, mini-golf, bowling, or outdoor freeplay!