Chelsea Petrozzo


it all started when…

Growing up in New York City, I was given a choice every day to absorb and use what I was learning, or let it fall by the wayside. I was the type of learner that was always wondering and researching, wanting to learn more. I would take information and turn it into a new set of questions and wonderings. I attribute this drive to my Early Childhood teachers, who gave me the room to learn and explore but more importantly, the resources to love school. These teachers are the reason I became an Early Childhood educator. Watching children grow from Pre-K to Kindergarten and then, the growth from September to June is a success and pride for teachers and families that will go unmatched.

I began teaching when I was 22 years old, working at a Montessori school on the Upper West Side in an administration role. The more I interacted with the children, the more I realized that I was missing my calling. I went through an AMS Montessori training program and became a teacher quickly after. I received a graduate degree from Bank Street College of Education, and now I am a licensed NYC DOE teacher. I am also working on my Special Education certification that I hope to have complete by September 2019. After teaching in a Montessori preschool setting for 5 years, I took a position at a public school in Brooklyn as a Kindergarten ICT teacher for two years. This year I am working in a General Education Kindergarten setting, and have embarked on a new sect of education: The Wonderers.

I started The Wonderers to give children the opportunity to taste school: to learn not to be scared but instead, embrace challenges, problem solve and explore it all while having fun. I hope you’ll join me in our exploration!